Saving and Investing for Retirement: Part Four

Geoff Considine

Generating Income: Part Four of Our Special Five-Part Series During their working years, investors focus on saving and investing with a goal of building wealth.  As they enter retirement, either by ceasing paid employment entirely or by scaling back paid employment, investors shift their focus to using their portfolios to provide a reliable long-term stream… Read More

Saving and Investing for Retirement: Part Three

Geoff Considine

Realities of Investing: Part Three of Our Special Five-Part Series In the various calculations that project retirement portfolio accumulations through time (such as the two discussed in the previous article), there are assumptions about how investors will allocate their savings and how those investments will perform.  In the case of the Fidelity study, no specific… Read More

Saving and Investing for Retirement: Part Two

Geoff Considine

Figuring Out Whether You Are On Track: Part Two of Our Special Five-Part Series Fidelity just came out with a study that estimates that people will need about eight times their final salary level, assuming they work until age sixty seven, to be able to retire and subsequently to have 85% of their pre-retirement income… Read More

Saving and Investing for Retirement: Part One

Geoff Considine

We Are In Trouble: Part One of Our Special Five-Part Series As the presidential election season of 2012 has gotten underway, there is a massive issue that has gotten very little attention: how Americans will sustain themselves in retirement.  In 2010, there were 40 million Americans over the age of 65.  By 2030, that number… Read More

Sector Watch: Spotlight on Defensive Strategy

Geoff Considine

About four and a half years ago, Folio Investing launched an equity (e.g. stock) portfolio that focused on reducing the impact of market volatility.  So-called defensive stocks are those which tend to be fairly insensitive to the mood of the market as a whole.  Conventional wisdom suggests that demand for band-aids, electricity and paper does… Read More

The Challenge of Long-Term Income: Part II

Geoff Considine

In Part I of this article, I explained why I have issues with the traditional idea that individuals should provide for their required level of retirement income (beyond what is provided by Social Security and any pensions) entirely with assets with zero risk of loss of principal (e.g. Treasury bonds).  In Part II, I discuss… Read More

401(k)s for the Self-Employed

Matthew Amster-Burton

Every once in a while, I receive a stack of paper in the mail from Vanguard addressed to “Plan Administrator,” which gives me an undeserved sense of self-importance. No, I didn’t select “Plan Administrator” from a drop-down list of salutations that also included “Dr.,” “Lord,” and “Marquis”; I am actually the administrator of a 401(k)… Read More