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How ETFs Can Benefit a Diversified Investment Portfolio

Over the past decade, the exchange-traded fund (ETF) has made its way into an increasing number of investors’ portfolios, and it’s not hard to see why. An ETF is a basket of securities that trades...

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Are Mutual Fund Fees Jeopardizing Your Retirement Dreams? Know Your Expense Ratio

Investing for retirement is no game. Every dollar counts, because over time, every dollar you save—or fail to save—creates a ripple effect that can significantly impact your quality of life in...

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When Oil Prices Influence Market Sectors, Diversification Can Save Your Portfolio

Oil prices have been making headlines for months now, and it’s no wonder. While it's easy to see the benefits of lower oil prices on consumers, not every market participant has been enjoying the...

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New Trends in the Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF) Marketplace

Many investors are familiar with exchange-traded funds (ETF) by now. ETFs provide broad market exposure through index-tracking investments, and they trade on exchanges like stocks do. They tend to...

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Will the Current European Economy Affect Your Investment Portfolio?

Collectively, the European Union (EU) has the largest economy in the world as measured by gross domestic product (GDP). Last year the total value of all goods and services produced within the...

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How Bond Market Investors Cope in a Low-Rate Environment

It’s understandable that bond market investors might be frustrated at this point in time. Most already have lower total return expectations than stock market investors, which they accept in...

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The Power of Long-Term Investing: How Long Time Horizons and Low Costs Can Create a Winning Strategy

U.S. stock markets can be a frenzy of activity. There is no shortage of people on TV with a lot to say about where the market is headed and why. However, very few of them have the ability to...

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What to Consider When Creating a Diversified Investment Portfolio

Building an investment portfolio is a very personal process. Before jumping into a variety of different asset classes and market sectors, you need to first determine your overall goals and your...

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A Primer on Portfolio Rebalancing

If you’re a successful long-term investor, you take great care in aligning your investments to an asset allocation that’s appropriate for your goals. Shouldn’t you care just as much about keeping...

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Folio Investing, Motif, and Tailored Portfolios

Chris DeMuth, a money manager and well-followed contributor at Seeking Alpha, recently published an overview of Motif Investing. Motif is a young firm that has gotten a lot of media coverage for...

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